During the Design Phase, Lynch Construction and Remodeling aims to help the customer optimize every dollar spent. We offer guidance in the selection of quality materials and products that are within the homeowner’s budget. In all, our goal is to help you spend your money in the right places.

The initial design typically reflects a collaboration between Lynch Construction and Remodeling, the homeowner, and the architect. It is impossible to create a detailed estimate for a project that has not been fully designed, but you do not want to fully design a project until you have a confident understanding of the costs. This is the inherent difficulty of early pricing. In order to resolve this, Lynch Construction & Remodeling will help create a budget in which to design towards, offering pricing feedback as the design and scope evolves.

Once a design is selected, our team generates an initial estimate of general costs based on our knowledge of prior projects of similar scope. Based on the pricing feedback, Lynch Construction and Remodeling, the homeowner and the architect will produce revised, more detailed design drawings that include a finalized floor plan, elevations, basic material selections, and trim work details. These plans will reflect the full scope of the project.

Next, we will provide a detailed estimate with fixed price quotes from suppliers and subcontractors. Allowance amounts will be carried for any materials that have not been selected yet. Once the final price has been agreed to, our team will create a contract outlining the full scope of work, a detailed timeline, and payment schedule. After the contract has been reviewed and executed, a production schedule will be generated, permitting will be secured, and the selection of materials, finishes, and products can be finalized.

Should I propose my project to multiple contractors or work with one builder through the design process?
Every contractor brings something different to the table, so it can be intriguing to shop multiple offers. However, we believe that going too far down the design road with multiple bidders is not the best use of your time. Often, at this early stage, the scope and design are not developed enough for a true itemized estimate to be created, so the pricing is still budgetary, and you will be unable to select a contractor based on cost. Because of this, we recommend talking to several builders to get some rough pricing, timing, and process info, then narrowing your list to one contractor to work with through the design process––someone you have done your homework on and who has earned your confidence.

We believe that the best project outcomes happen when the builder is selected early in the design process and can therefore offer pricing feedback throughout the bulk of the architectural design. Do your due diligence early, vetting several contractors, then settle in with a trustworthy partner to plan and build your home.

See how our projects go from concept to completion: